Paul Jones

Paul works closely with Jan Bell on building on the success of SPECIFIC IKC and the roll out of Active Buildings and Technologies into the marketplace through new programmes and delivery vehicles.

He was the founding member of SPECIFIC IKC with Dave Worsley back in 2009 and was Technology Director until end 2017 until he took up his new role. This includes two successful rounds of Innovate UK / EPSRC funding totalling £15M and £15M of WEFO funding and associated industrial contributions to the centre. Paul recently completed an NRN Industrial Fellowship at Swansea University on heat storage.

Paul has twenty-five years of experience in the area of functional and sustainable coatings for construction and ten-years’ experience in integrated heat generation and storage on buildings. This latterly extends to key design input into ‘Buildings as Power Stations’ such as the Active Classroom and Active Office, which are energy positive buildings generating, storing and delivering both electricity and heat.

A fan of all things automotive from classic cars of the 1970s to the latest EVs Paul’s spare time is mostly spent holding a spanner…..