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Dr Trystan Watson

Trystan started his academic career with a Chemistry degree at Swansea University spending a year out as an analytical chemist at 3M. He then transferred to the College of Engineering to carry out a Doctorate in Steel Technology. As part of this doctorate he used scanning electrochemical techniques to characterise corrosion phenomena such as Filiform corrosion on packaging substrates. He also co-invented a novel packaging coating to inhibit corrosion during high temperature heat treatments.

Trystan then moved to Corus Strip Products as a product development engineer as well as a theme leader for the process technology group in the engineering doctorate scheme. It was there that he became a chartered engineer with the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining.

In 2007 Trystan returned to academia to take up a post doctoral research position on the development of dye-sensitized solar cells on metal substrates. In this time he has published work in a range of areas from fast sintering, induced scattering, in-situ monitoring of dye uptake and corrosion testing of novel substrates as well as UV photodegradation of the devices in long term testing. He is the co-inventor of a sintering method capable of reducing the titania sintering step from 30 minutes to 12 seconds. His current research activities are in the scaling of thin film photovoltaics including CZTS and organolead halide perovskites.

Trystan is married with three daughters and a son and spends most of his home life wrapped around their fingers.

Trystan is an Associate Professor in Photovoltaics at SPECIFIC.

Contact Trystan

Email: T.M.Watson@Swansea.ac.uk